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Ago 7th


The Girl Who Waited. 


Ago 7th


Ago 7th

« The Girl Who Waited <3 »

« The Girl Who Waited <3 »


Ago 7th




Doctor Who Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love giveaways? Surely some people, but they most likely live on Raxacorciofallapatorious. This giveaway is sort of back-to-school, school-is-cool themed, but well kind of just awesome. So, on to what’s included!

  • Super fantastic reusable bag equipped with Time Lord technology. Yes, it’s bigger on the inside! 5”x6” pouch expands into an 18”x20” bag. Put everything you need to rule the world in here (Toclafane not included. Probably best to keep running shoes in here). Created by the lovely Geekiana.
  • Steel wallet/cigarette case with TARDIS printed on it. Excellent for keeping credit cards, ID, and psychic paper. Open it up to see Ten’s TARDIS console. Another great Etsy creation made by FrostingOnTheTop.
  • TARDIS pencil pouch! Perfect for keeping pencils and pens so you can scribble BADWOLFBADWOLFBADWOLF on all your papers.
  • Eleven’s Sonic Screwdriver Pen. This is one sonic screwdriver that will do wood. Welllllll… paper. Also capable of looking awesome.
  • TARDIS spinning air freshener. All that traveling through time and space can make things sort of smell. Especially if your time and space is 6th period gym. Technically this is for your car (mounts on dash) but we all know the only rule is don’t run off, and clearly that’s flexible. 

Phew. Glad you’re still reading. Now onto the rules strictly enforced guidelines.

  1. You don’t have to follow me; I’m not your mother.
  2. Only reblogs count. And you can only reblog five times max.
  3. The winner will be chosen on August 20th. Yes I know it’s a ways away, but I’ll be out of the country.
  4. ???
  5. Allons-y!



Jul 2nd


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Jul 2nd


I Live In Spain, But … ~ 



Join us for the first ever Doctor Who Tumblr Meetup 2:00-4:00pm, Saturday July 14 at BASIC in San Diego, CA!

So we’ve been excitedly planning this behind everyone’s backs for a while now…

… we’re just glad we can finally start making things public.

We’ve teased this a bit before and started a contest to have a Whovian design the official meetup art. Now we get to say that this meetup is really for real(!)

Three things to note:

  • The event will be ALL AGES.
  • You DO NOT need a ticket to San Diego Comic Con to attend.

We’re so feelingallthefeelings.gif that we get to finally meet the Tumblr Whovian community in person(!) If you have any questions, message us! We’re going to put together a quick FAQ for when we release the RSVP so anything we can answer now would be a help to everyone.

The RSVP link is COMING SOON. We just wanted to get the time and date out there as soon as possible for anyone needing to plan their day.

Make sure to follow the Doctor Who Tumblr or check the Tumblr Meetups page obsessively to make sure that you don’t miss the RSVP link. (prob a few days from now.)

More to come soon so hold tight!

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Jul 2nd

&#171;&#160;My Doctor&#160;&#187;

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Jul 2nd

&#171; Melody Pond &lt;3&#160;&#187;

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